The wait is over for couple bringing adopted daughter home from China

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PHOENIX -- Sometimes having a baby is easy, and sometimes you have to fly all the way around the world to do it, like one Valley couple who landed at Sky Harbor on Christmas Day.

There was a big celebration when Dan and Suze Hanson walked off the plane with their new 9-month-old daughter Caroline, from Nanchang, China.

Believe it or not, this day was four years in the making. They got the application to adopt a baby back in 2005. But it wasn't until October of this year that they got the call telling them they would finally be parents.

Flying to China to pick Caroline up, however, was no walk in the park.

“It was a little chaos -- there were eight babies, some of them were screaming, the parents were crying -- it was a little overwhelming, but it was just, all the wait just faded away and we were just so happy to have her in our arms, and of course we were crying, too," Suze said. "She just kind of looked at us like, 'Who are you people and what are you doing with me?'"

The Hansons are both teachers. They say Caroline’s personality comes out a little bit more every day, and they're excited to see how she grows from here.