Cancer-stricken mother of 6 gets special delivery on Christmas Eve

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TOLLESON -- At just 29 years old, Frances Alcantar is being treated for stage three breast cancer. At the same time, she's a single mom raising six children. And she's doing it all alone.

But Frances got some help on Christmas Eve, as a carload full of much-needed, much-deserved holiday cheer backed up to her Tolleson home.

"I didn’t even expect all this stuff!” Frances exclaimed.

But she needed it. Frances didn’t have enough beds for her kids, ages 2-12. Thursday, they got new futons.

"So we'll be sleeping pretty comfortably tonight,” she laughed.

After the big boxes came a whole pile of bathroom and bedroom supplies.

"Blankets, towels, housewares,” Frances said. “Everything we need for our household, we've got it here."

The gifts all come courtesy of Singleton Moms -- a charity that helps support single moms battling cancer.

"It's always exciting to watch the kids get so excited to see the presents coming in, and to see Mom have that relief that the kids get to have a good time,” said Jody Farley-Berens with Singleton Moms.

And of course the crew came with a load of toys for the kids.

Frances was overwhelmed with the generosity.

“To have people here to have my back with what I'm going through … I don’t want to cry, but I just want to say thank you!” she said.

So, in spite of everything this young family's been through -- and what they still have to go through -- they will have a merry Christmas.

"I just want to say merry Christmas and thank you so much,” Frances said. 

The group Singleton Moms says the average age of the moms with cancer who they help is only 34.