Last-minute shoppers head to the airport?

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PHOENIX -- As millions of Americans are traveling by plane this holiday -- did you know airports are a great place to do some last-minute shopping?

For the most part things have been moving pretty smoothly at Sky Harbor Airport. There are a few delays, but not many complaints, primarily because those passengers waiting to depart and those friends and family waiting to pick up arriving passengers have found a wonderful way to pass the time – shopping!

Whether it's books from Borders or jewelry, watches, and scarves from an accessory store, airport shopping has a little bit of everything to offer. That has many people stocking up on stocking stuffers while picking up those last minute gifts. It's not exactly what anyone planned to do but they just couldn't help themselves.

“[I’m] picking up Sudoku and crosswords for stocking stuffers and odds and ends for Christmas gifts,” said Hannah Baldwin.

“I did send a gift to my granddaughter in an envelope but when I saw these items here I thought it'd be nice to get a little something extra for her,” said Agnus Constantine.

If you are one of those last-minute shoppers and the malls are closed, whether you are flying or not, you are in luck. Just head to the airport where the stores stay open late.