Surveillance footage could crack murdered jogger case

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GLENDALE – A Valley neighborhood is stunned by the shooting death of a jogger.

Now there are new clues that might help police catch the cold-blooded killer. The clue comes from a neighbor's surveillance video and while it does not show the shooting, it does show a driver passing by around the same time the shooting happened.

It also shows the victim running the same route on Thursday. Investigators are reviewing that tape to see if anyone was following her.  

Neighbor Scott McDougall looks at video of 57-year-old Cyndi Langrall running just a few days before she was killed. He caught the image on his surveillance camera. He says, “Cyndi was an icon, I mean, she would just always be, I mean I don't know how somebody can have such a regiment but Cyndi did and you can expect her to be there."

The mother of two always ran the same route at around the same time, 5:45 in the morning. It was around that time on Monday when someone shot her in the head.

McDougall says, “Waking up this morning and not seeing her is kind of an eerie feeling." Cyndi's twin sister spoke to 3TV over the phone. She said, “I was just visiting there in November with her and we went out jogging like we would normally do when I would visit her and I still sort of suggested that it might not be too safe running in the dark but she always said that she felt ok with her mace."

On the day she was murdered McDougall has grainy video of a car passing by close to the time she was killed. Detectives have taken the video and neighbors who have taken the time to build a memorial hope it helps find the person who killed Cyndi. She was a mother of two, a grandmother of four and had a granddaughter on the way.

3TV is told one of her neighbor's has better surveillance video of a driver passing by at the time of the murder. Police are looking at that video as well.