Up to 8,000 local positions available for census

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PHOENIX - If you are looking for a job there are thousands available in the Valley at the United States Census Bureau.

The census bureau has to fill thousands of jobs in Maricopa County alone but those jobs are at risk of going unfilled due to some confusion in the application process    

There are currently less than 1,000 individuals hired on at five Valley locations to do the census work for the county. The goal is to hire up to 8,000.

Al Nieto, a local census office manager, tells 3TV, “Right now, getting ready to review group quarters, convalescent homes, so forth, prepare to meet with them, to let them know we are coming out.”

Although the bulk of hiring will occur in February and March, time is of the essence because some applicants have applied at the wrong place. Vangent is a  subcontractor with the census bureau, also located in Phoenix, but is responsible for tallying national questionnaires.

So many people have applied to Vangent to work in a processing center, they assume they are on a waiting list but they are not. They need to reapply if they want to fill the thousands of positions available with the local census bureau.

Mina Lopez was hired on in March and has been promoted twice. She explains, “I've been working with people who have PHDs, Master’s degrees.”

The central Phoenix location will close by October once the work is completed so if you are looking for full time or part-time work, get your application in soon.

You must take a test and complete a fingerprint and background check. For further information, call 1-866-861-2010 or go to 2010 Census Jobs.