Man pays $1,000 for tickets that never came

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John Vaughan says his family's love of basketball started at an early age.

"I've got 2 boys: 19 and 23 and they've been playing basketball ever since they could walk."

Now that the boys are older their passion for the game has grown as well. Especially for one team in particular, the North Carolina Tarheels. "They're avid fans, if there's a game on it doesn't matter what's going on, they stop everything to watch a North Carolina game."

For Christmas John knew just what gift to get, tickets for the huge North Carolina/Duke game. So John started surfing the web.

"That's when I stumbled across an ad for tickets for $1,000 so I kinda got excited." The Craigslist ad sounded almost too good to be true. John says he replied right away and received a return email about how payment should be made. "It said eBay and PayPal and everything and it looked legit, the only think that was a little bit odd to me was that I had to pay the money through Western Union."

Despite his hesitation, John says he wired the money because he felt secure that the payment request was coming from eBay. "She said tomorrow morning I will send these off via UPS, you'll have your tracking number tomorrow morning." But when neither the tracking number nor the tickets came John started getting nervous and with good reason. "What I quickly came to find out was that although the email had come to me under the name EBay, it was a Google mail account."

When John emailed eBay directly his fears were confirmed. "They sent back an email saying this is a scam." He had been taken and it was a very expensive lesson. One that he hopes others will learn from. "If it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true and in this case it really bit me because I thought it was too good and I should've been more precautious."

eBay tells 3 On Your Side that if a message is legitimately sent from them, a copy of that message will appear in the "message" area of your "my eBay" when you sign into your account. eBay also tells us they will never ask for any funds to be wired to them.