Protesters: County Attorney abusing power with intimidation, harassment

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Protesters against County Attorney Andrew Thomas. By Alicia Barron Protesters against County Attorney Andrew Thomas. By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – Some Valley lawyers say Maricopa County's top attorney is abusing his power and is using intimidation and harassment.

This group is concerned about what it considers “the rule of law” and the protection of the constitution and says County Attorney Andrew Thomas’ abuse will no longer be tolerated.

Thomas Ryan, a lawyer who is protesting says, “Over the last 30 days Andrew Thomas stepped over the line. We're fed up. We've had enough."

Hundreds gathered in downtown Phoenix on the steps of the courthouse protesting what they consider an abuse of power on the part of Andrew Thomas.

Most recently, the group cites the alleged abuse with the civil racketeering complaints Thomas filed against a handful of judges.

Thomas Ryan says, “There is no direct evidence of serious actual criminal wrongdoing. All of us were amazed to watch him try to explain the charges in his own complaint.”

Ryan adds, “This is an intentional attempt to intimidate not only judges, but everyone related. If you eliminate that power, you get a lot of control."

The protesting lawyers claim Thomas has violated his oath of office and his lawyer’s oath to uphold and maintain the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

As for the accusations, Thomas says, “I am tough on crime and illegal immigration, some people don't like that, but I'm going to keep doing my job, locking up criminals and fulfill my promises to voters.”

The group says it will continue its efforts with the state bar to hold Thomas “accountable."