Arrests made in Paradise Valley home invasion spree

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- Police have captured a second person in connection with a string of violent home invasion robberies in Paradise Valley.  51-year-old Darrel Thompson is being held on nine counts including armed robbery and kidnapping.

Officers say Thompson and his nephew, Justin Lee Martin, are behind at least six home invasions in the Paradise Valley area.  Thompson and Martin are accused of robbing residents at gunpoint and assaulting some of them.

Thompson is a registered sex offender who is required to wear an ankle bracelet that tracks his whereabouts at all times.  Police say they are sure that he was involved in at least three of the incidents because they simply looked up his records and identified his location during each of the robberies.

Both suspects were also allegedly caught on surveillance cameras unloading more than $80,000 in stolen goods at a nearby storage shed.

The home invasions, which began October 20, occurred in the area near Doubletree Ranch and Scottsdale roads. After the most recent home invasion on December 4, a police officer made note of a vehicle leaving the area. Police put that vehicle under surveillance, which led them to Martin.