Healthy, hearty chicken soup

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1     skinless chicken quarter ( breast and wing)
1     stalk of celery
1     peeled carrot (anti-oxidant)
1 lg  yellow onion
1     garlic clove (Selenium)
1/2  red or yellow bell pepper (Vitamin C)
1 oz. kale
1 sprig ea. thyme and oregano
Salt and pepper to taste

Wash the vegetables and set to dry.
Place oil in a soup pot and bring oil to smoke point.
Lightly season the chicken and place in pot to sear for about four minutes.
Clean and dice the Carrot, Celery, Pepper, and Onion.
Flip chicken to cook other side and add in vegetables, do not stir.
Allow to cook for 2 minutes add minced Garlic, Herbs, Kale and stir in to veg.
Add water to cover contents of pot and allow to simmer minimum 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
Adding more water if needed. Make sure chicken is fully cooked.
Remove the chicken and shred the meat by pulling it apart with your hands. 
Add the meat back to the soup.
You can enjoy it this way or add your favorite noodle or a few matzo balls!