Is Tiger headed to Arizona for rehab?

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Tiger Woods By Alicia Barron Tiger Woods By Alicia Barron

WICKENBURG -- Rumors are swirling about the possibility Tiger Woods is headed  to Arizona for rehab. A London newspaper, Fox News and others are reporting Woods is coming to Arizona after the New Year to seek treatment for prescription drug abuse and sex addiction.

Arizona is home to one of the most well-known rehab centers in the world -- the Meadows Rehabilitation Center in Wickenburg. They treat a variety of addictions, from sex to drugs. Although Tiger has not been classified as an addict, and he has not come forward and admitted any kind of addiction, a number of therapists told 3TV he displays all the signs.

"He was a cool, calm, collected, very skillful man who seemed to have it all, and who wouldn’t want to be that?” said Robert Weiss, head of the Sexual Recovery Institute in L.A. “But unfortunately the reality of his life was so vastly different from what we were told."

Over the years the Meadows Rehabilitation Center has welcomed a number of celebrities who are drawn to the facility because of the privacy it provides.

"It probably takes a treatment center that has the resources -- financial and otherwise -- to be able to provide that kind of anonymity and privacy," Weiss explained. "You have to have enough space for someone not to come by with a camera and to distance the clients from the public."

David Duchovny, Kate Moss, Whitney Houston and Matthew Perry have reportedly gone to the Meadows Rehabilitation Center for a variety of addictions. Rumor has it Tiger could be next.