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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. Is there some way I can back up my Internet Explorer Favorites and copy them to another computer?

A. You sure can. To do that, if you’re using IE 6 or 7, click File > Import and Export > Next > Export Favorites > Next. If you’re not sure which browser version you’re using, click Help > About Internet Explorer. Clicking Help > About will display additional information for any Windows program, including its version number.

Select your main Favorites folder (it should be selected by default) as the source folder, then click Next > Export to a File or Address.

Select a location for the file using the Browse button or accept the default location and filename (bookmark.htm) for the Favorites folder you are creating, then click Next, followed by Finish.

Congratulations! You have created a file that contains your Favorites. To use them in Internet Explorer on another computer, simply copy this file to a flash drive, CD, or other storage media, insert it in the second computer, then open Internet Explorer on your destination system and click File > Import and Export and import the file. The Import and Export Wizard will walk you through the few remaining steps.

If you’re using Internet Explorer 8, click File > Import & Export > Export to a File > Next > Favorites.

Q. I want to save email, including your weekly newsletters, in a folder in Outlook Express. How do I create a new folder and then move items into it?

A. To create a new mail folder in Outlook Express, click File > New > Folder. That will display the Create Folder dialog box. Enter a name in the “Folder name:” field. Let’s use something clever, like “Mr. Modem’s Newsletter.”

Once you’ve typed in the name of the folder, in the lower part of the dialog box, under “Select the folder in which to create the new folder,” click to select “Local Folders.” If you want your Mr. Modem folder to be a sub-folder of any other folder, select the appropriate folder from the directory “tree” view displayed. Click the OK button when you have highlighted a folder. As soon as you click OK, the folder will be created and you’ll see it in the left Folders pane. (Click View > Layout > Folder List if you don’t see your folders in the left pane.)

To move a newsletter (or any other message) into your new folder, right-click the item in your Inbox and select Move to Folder. A “Move” dialog box will appear. Click to select the destination folder, then click the OK button and the newsletter (or other item) will magically move from your Inbox to your selected mail folder.

You can also drag any item from your Inbox to a mail folder that appears in the Folders list on the left.

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