Former teacher allegedly drove drunk with infant son on board

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Farren Romero By Alicia Barron Farren Romero By Alicia Barron

TEMPE – A Valley mom is out of jail after a weekend arrest for driving drunk with her baby in the car.

3TV has learned 26-year old Farren Romero had been working at a day care where she has been responsible for other people's kids.

Does she still have a job? As of today, she does not. As with many driving while under the influence cases, Romero's life has been turned upside down and it is because she got pulled over near the busy intersection of Mill Avenue and Broadway.

According to court papers, Romero was heading towards downtown Tempe on Mill when she was pulled over where Broadway intersects just after midnight on Tuesday for driving without her headlights on.

The Tempe officer says Romero failed several sobriety tests and was arrested and taken to jail for aggravated DUI.

The charge is aggravated because there was someone else in the car with her who was under the age of 15 years old. That someone else, court papers say, was her 8-month old son who was watching everything from the back seat.

Romero had been teaching at the Bright Idea's day care which is found inside The First Christian Church in Tempe. 3TV is told she had a class of 1-year-olds.

Her boss tells 3TV Romero is fired after learning about her aggravated DUI charge. 3TV caught up with Romero but she did not want to comment about what happened.

If convicted, Romero faces prison time because she put a child in harm’s way.