Veterans to walk from Tempe to Tucson for Wounded Warriors

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TEMPE -- From Sun Devil Stadium to the University of Arizona, Monday four men set out on a 100-mile mission with one thing on their minds – raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

“We all know somebody who is an amputee, a double amputee, someone who has been burned fairly badly, so you know their lives will never be the same,” Mark Finelli said. “But the Wounded Warrior Project makes their lives a little bit easier, a little bit better.”

Finelli is a 9/11 survivor and a Marine. After serving our country, he is now going to business school at the University of Arizona. But he has not forgotten his fellow troops, so he and three veterans decided to do something big.

“We're going to walk a hundred miles for that money,” Finelli explained. “Even if it is only 5 cents a mile, that comes out to 5 bucks. Please, please donate. “

They know times are tough, but they are hoping their action will encourage others to give.

“I hope they are motivated to part ways with their money,” Finelli said.

Beyond raising money for Wounded Warriors, the veterans also hope their trek serves as a reminder of the sacrifice of our troops.

“Keep supporting our troops -- in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world -- keep them in your prayers,” said veteran Tayo Akanni.

Their goal is to arrive in Tucson on Friday; but they say realistically it may be Saturday or Sunday before they come marching into town.

Click here for more information the Wounded Warrior Project.