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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. I’m having trouble double-clicking items like icons and links. Can I change my computer in some way so that a single click will open or start these things?

A. Yes, you sure can. Users who have a difficult time double-clicking often prefer to eliminate the double-click option in Windows and use single-clicks instead. To do this, go to My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > General tab. Click to select the “Single-click to open an item” option, followed by Apply > OK to save your new setting.

Q. How can I save a received attachment in Outlook Express?

A. Assuming you're absolutely sure an attachment is virus-free and safe to open, you can save it in a folder on your hard drive or other location. To do that, double-click the attachment to open it, click File > SaveAs, and select the folder in which to save the attachment. Next, give it a name you’ll remember or recognize, followed by Save.

Q. Is there a way to copy and paste wording on a Web page without importing the formatting used for the text? The formatting seems to cause a great deal of trouble when I try to edit the copied text.

A. If you copy and paste the text into a text editor such as Windows Notepad or WordPad (located under Start > Programs > Accessories), all formatting will be removed. At that point, you can then copy it into your usual word processor.

If you encounter text that’s a bit more stubborn when it comes to letting go of its formatting, copy and paste it into WordPad, then click File > SaveAs, and save it as a text (.txt) document, which will strip any formatting from the text.

It’s best to avoid pasting content copied from the Web directly into Microsoft Word, because Word will add its own default formatting to the mix which can result in a formatting nightmare. You can, however, paste directly into Word by selecting Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted text.

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