Company repairs school's dilapidated playground

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PARADISE VALLEY -- We have a follow-up to a recent report regarding a decaying playground set.

"On behalf of all the kids, teachers and staff here at Kachina Country Day Schools, we couldn't be more pleased with the result," Chris Hawkins said.

Kids at Kachina Country Day Schools in Paradise Valley are a lot happier today. It's a far cry from last month when we talked to them about their decaying playground that was in such bad shaped, it had to be taped off so the kids wouldn't go near it.

Hawkins helps run Kachina Country Day Schools and says through fundraisers the school was able to purchase a playground set from a company called Play Mart.

About a year ago, the school paid around $15,000 to purchase the set and have it installed. But then support posts cracked wide open and some literally snapped in half, causing the monkey bars to fall.

Nuts and bolts were sticking out everywhere and the playground set became a safety hazard.

Hawkins says Play Mart offered to fix some of the playground, but it was going to cost the school hundreds of dollars for parts plus installation fees.

So, Hawkins contacted 3 On Your Side and after we got involved, a new playset was installed.

"You know, the installers came in, they did a great job," Hawkins said. "They were very professional."

Play Mart, which is headquartered out of Kentucky, replaced just about everything.

A spokesman for the company told 3 On Your Side that they had no idea the damage to the dilapidated playset was that bad until 3 On Your Side got involved. That's why the company replaced it.

"We have our playground set back," Hawkins said. They're glad to be playing on it. So thank you, Gary, and thank you, 3 On Your Side."