Does a disposable grill really work?

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PHOENIX -- A popular product makes some pretty big claims in its advertisement, but does it actually do what it says it can do?

We wanted to see if a disposable grill has what it takes to get things done.

Steve Anderson is the executive chef for Morton's Steakhouse in downtown Phoenix. He cooks with nothing but the best. So, we thought Anderson would be the perfect guy to try out something called the EZ Grill.

According to commercials, it's pretty simple to use.

"You open, light and cook. When you're done, just toss it away," according to the commercial.

"I think it's a pretty good idea," Anderson said. "I hope it works."

Now, the box says the EZ Grill lights with just one match and with one try Anderson gets a pretty good flame going in no time. But will it get hot enough and stay hot to cook a tailgating favorite, burgers?

"It's got a nice sizzle to it so that means it's hot," he said.

The heat seems fine, but after adding on a little cheese are they done?

"Beautiful," Anderson said biting into the burger. "Nice flavor."

OK, the EZ Grill may work on burgers, but what about steak?

We've got our 16-ounce rib eye steak," Anderson said.

Now, you definitely need heat to cook a steak like this.

"At home, on my personal grill, I like to get it at 500 degrees just so you can sear the meat," Anderson said.

So, is the EZ Grill up to the challenge?

Within a few minutes, Anderson says the rib eye is fine.

So, what's the verdict here? Does it work?

"It works," Anderson said. "I didn't think it would, but it works."

And don't forget the best part. It's disposable.

So, after putting out the flames with water, all you have to do is throw the EZ Grill away.

The smaller EZ Grill goes for about $6 and the larger party grill is around $11. You can buy it just about anywhere like Wal-Mart or grocery stores.

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