Christmas Angel family pays it forward

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PHOENIX -- The Salvation Army's Christmas Angel program is helping a lot of folks in need this holiday season. But for one Valley family the program isn't just about finding an angel to help them; it's also about being an angel for someone else.

“This is a beautiful way of getting help,” said Carmelita Vasquez.

Vasquez is talking about the Salvation Army's Christmas Angel program.

”The way this economy is so bad right now, I think any child would be happy just to unwrap a little teddy bear or coloring books,” she said. “You would see a smile on their face.”

It's a smile her 9-year-old granddaughter Deseri and 12-year-old grandson Adam have every time they open up their gifts on Christmas Day.

“I feel good and it’s exciting,” Adam said.

“When I wake up, I try to wake up my nana, so I keep waking her up and waking her up and she says, ‘What?!’" Deseri said. "It’s fun, and I start laughing!”

Vasquez is so grateful for the program that she volunteers her time at the Salvation Army's South Mountain Community Center.

“I think it’s cool because I want to be a helper like her,” Adam said.

But besides volunteering, Vasquez hopes to one day be in a position to help another family in need.

“It makes me feel happy that I had help from the Salvation Army,” she explained, “and if I can go to the tree and if I can help a child, I'm going to do it.”

Click here for more information on how to participate in the Salvation Army's Christmas Angel program.