Scramble's Breakfast Pizza

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Dennis Alexander from Scramble cooks up a breakfast pizza and shows the restaurant's other delicious dishes.

Brizza Recipe
Pizza Dough- 9 inch diameter 1 ea
Dressed Spinach Leaves (toss in non trans-fat vegetable oil) 1.5 oz
Fresh Thyme 1/8 oz
Mushroom Mix (see below for recipe) 1.5 oz
Eggs 5 oz
Jack Cheese 3 oz
Hollandaise 2oz

Cooking Instructions:
Place uncooked brizza dough on table
Ladle 2oz of hollandaise and 5 oz egg (lightly scrambled) on top of prizza dough Evenly top eggs with thyme, spinach and mushroom Cover all ingredients with 2oz of Jack cheese Place brizza in convection oven at 400 degrees for 4 minutes Remove & cut brizza into 4 pieces, check for egg cooking Serve on 10" round plate

Sauteed Mushrooms Mixture:
Mushrooms 1/4 lbs
Garlic Butter 1 oz
Oil 1/4 oz
Vin Blanc 6 oz
Sugar 1/4 oz
Salt & Pepper To Taste