Unique stocking stuffers for him and her

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Just when you think you've finished your holiday shopping, the stockings call your name!  So, to help us all out, I did a little stocking shopping to see if I could find some fun and festive items that are cheap and unique for the guys and gals on your list.  Take a look to see if there are some ideas here that will simplify your stuffing!  To see each item, watch the segment.

His and her unique stocking stuffers
For the animal lover, check out a website called Animal Den.  My Grandma loves pigs so every year I find some kind of unique pig item from this site.  They offer gifts adorned with all kinds of critters from cats to catfish and everything else in between.  Ladybug earrings, starfish socks and wildlife wind chimes, this site has thought of every animal gift you can imagine. 
Put some cheer in that stocking with miniature bottles of champagne and wine that sell for under $12 at Cost Plus World Market.  I suggest a bottle of champagne for him and some Pinot Grigio for her that sells for only $1.99!

For truly unique gift ideas, try Perpetual Kid.  I found these useful pads of preprinted lists that include what to pack and a daily eating log.  For the traveling business man, the packing list has every item one could think of and usually forgets to pack!  For the fitness gal, the food log helps keep track of daily calories and nutrition.  Logging my daily meals is one proven trick that has really helped me lose weight in the past.  The pads sell for $10 each.

For the hostess or host with the most, check out this cool deck of cocktail recipes with 50 different ideas.  Called the Cocktail Hour, each card features timeless spirits that include the classic Manhattan, the chic Cosmopolitan and many others.  I found this fun deck of drink recipes at Urbayn located in Chandler at 7131 West Ray Rd. in the Casa Paloma Shopping Center. 

For the green guy or gal, give them a cool little book called 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth by Joanna Yarrow.  Cost Plus World Market sells it for $9.95 and the mini sized guide fits nicely into a stocking.

Unique stocking stuffers for her
All of my gal pals have been impressed by my new flat wallet that rivals expensive designer brands.  I found my wonderful wallet at Walgreens, of all places!  Specifically the Walgreens at Central and Osborn in uptown Phoenix. For only $3.99, this thin wallet works and looks expensive to boot.  And it will fit nicely in a stocking.  A variety of wallet colors are housed by the cash register in a box with a sign that reads "trendy hard fashion wallets" towards the front of the store.  Walgreen's also sells the ultra comfy sweater socks and the socks with toes, a family favorite in our stockings.  Get three pairs for ten bucks.

And for those overworked Moms who like the occasional glass of wine, Urbayn sells a wine stopper that reads "Mommy's Sippy Cup" in pink and black.  Fun and small sized to fit into Mama's stocking.  Cost Plus World Market has a tiny little case that could work as a pill box or travel box for rings and earrings when traveling.  They sell for $4.99 and come in lots of different colors.

Unique stocking stuffers for him
Men are hard to shop for, so I was surprised to find as much as I did and at some surprising stores.  Office Max has some good guy gift ideas like the USB Mug Warmer that keeps a mug full of coffee or cocoa warm for hours.  And the box is already decorated in holiday snowflakes so you can just toss it in the stocking ready to go.  $9.99 at Office Max locations.

Put a little romance in his stocking with a love note roll from Cost Plus World Market.  For only $3.99, the package includes a set of three miniature rolled paper notes.  The papers mimic the official letters that were traditionally carried by Royal Messengers and were also used between Indian Prince and Princesses as love notes.  And the little love note scrolls were made from 100%  recycled hand-made paper using cotton fabric remnants and traditional silk screen printing techniques.  Unique and cheap!
Aleve some stress at his desk with the miniature golf game called Golf On The Go.  I found this fun little desk game for $12.99 at amazon.com. 

Most men love chocolate so make his sweet tooth laugh with a Belgian milk chocolate Reindeer Pie.  Yep, it looks like deer poop, but is sweet with almonds to boot!  $2.99 at Cost Plus World Market. For the grooming guy, Origins has a nice line for men.  I especially like the Fire Fighter after shave toner.  Fits in a stocking and feels nice on his skin with the chamomile and cucumber ingredients.  I ordered one for my guy from www.origins.com for $16.  I call this next idea a treasured traveling tool because my husband likes to have two items with him when he flies, a small photo book of his family and his Ipod to help him relax.  So, when he found an Ipod travel wall charger at an airport gift shop, I was intrigued.  Since a man on the road can't always find a hard drive to recharge his MP3 player, consider getting him this charger that plugs into any wall outlet.  My hubby doesn't leave the state without his Ipod wall plug, so he can recharge his music at the hotel for his return trip home. So, I went online and found a useful travel package called the 5 Item Multimedia Accessory Bundle for Apple iPod & IPhones.  For $19.95 you get the charger, a car charger, ear buds and portable speakers.  Check it out at www.hdaccessory.com.  Ipod accessory items are also sold at Best Buy stores.

So, if you are looking for tasty, funny, romantic, pretty or practical, I think I was able to cover a variety of categories with gifts that will make your stocking stuffers, cheap, but definitely unique.  So get busy stuffing those stockings and be done with your holiday shopping so you can relax and enjoy the season!