Valley flash flood watch expires, wind continues to gust

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PHOENIX -- A flash flood watch remained in effect through the night for the Valley. There are no major flooding problems reported as of last night, although one intersection in North Phoenix was closed in what appeared to be the worst flooding in the area.

There was a steady stream of water flowing over Seventh Avenue just south of Greenway Parkway. The water is about 1/2 foot deep, and the intersection remained closed for the rest of the night. Flooding in that area is not uncommon when there's heavy rain.

The washes in North Scottsdale did not appear to be a problem, and there were no reports of any drivers getting stuck anywhere in the Valley.

However, several of the Valley freeways and highways were clogged with weather-related accidents … and frustrated drivers.

“The SUV drivers are a little crazy; they haven’t learned that rain is still bad for cars,” said driver Kathy Kuhlman. “So you just have to watch out for people."

"It's really a tough deal when people go that fast on oil-slicked roads that haven’t been rained on in 5, 6, 7 months already,” added driver Jeff Tucker. “It's ridiculous."

If you're worried about flooding around your home, a number of Phoenix fire stations have sand available for bagging.