Flagstaff residents hunker down as blizzard continues

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ADOT crews have been working non-stop throughout the day to clear the roads.

“We know for the most part that if people would slow down they would not get hurt,” said Stan Wilkins.

Wilkins has been plowing for six years. His shift started at noon, and he'll be plowing for 12 hours.

“People drive way too fast,” he said. “And it's not that they're going around me; it's just that they're going way too fast and you can drive -- you can steer the car down the road -- until you hit the pile of slush or ice and then there's no control, there’s no way to stop it, and you'll be off in the median.”

City crews are having a hard time keeping up with the constant snowfall, causing many neighborhood streets to take a back seat while the main ones get plowed over and over again.

Even Flagstaff resident Dan Bookhart was coming out every 20 minutes just to keep his walkway clean and safe.

“It's like raking leaves as they're falling,” he said.

While Bookhart works, the kids play. They'll go back to school after lunch but that's only because they're in walking distance.

Concerned about the slippery roads, Jill Abbott would've kept them home today if they had to drive.

“If we didn't live right here by the school, she would not be going,” Abbott said.

Public schools in Flagstaff have been canceled Tuesday. Some college finals at NAU have been canceled as well.