Fixing falling trees turns costly for woman

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PHOENIX -- When a Valley woman's favorite tree fell down, she says that was just the beginning of her troubles.

Regina Curylo takes pride in her landscaping.

"I always keep everything up," she said. "I'm always planting flowers. I'm taking care of everything. I have a gardener that does my lawn and trims all my bushes and everything."

Curylo says her yard was looking beautiful until last March when she noticed two of her trees falling over.

"Both trees are very wobbly and falling down and I looked in the Yellow Pages and I found this Mike Murphy A-1 Tree Service," she said.

So Curylo says she called the company and for $700, Murphy's A-1 Tree Service uplifted the trees and then cabled them down to support them.

But Curylo says seven months later she had problems again.

Curylo says she walked out to find one of the supported trees had fallen over.

"We had high winds, the tree fell down," she said.

So, she called Murphy because, according to Curylo, he guaranteed his work.

"And he said, 'For $200, I'll pick it up,'" Curylo said. "I said, 'I already paid you $450 and $250 for the other tree, $700 in all, and the tree still fell down and the other one is wobbling.'"

Curylo says she can't afford to shell out any more money and just wants her tree fixed so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

The owner of A-1 Tree Service didn't want to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera, but he did agree to return to Curylo's home to re-brace the tree at no charge.

"If he had done it properly, it should have stayed in the ground," Curylo said.