Drivers urged not to travel in high country for next 48 hours

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PHOENIX -- The Department of Public Safety and the Arizona Department of Transportation are urging people to not travel in the high country for next 48 hours.

According to DPS, several areas of Northern Arizona are experiencing heavy snowfall with limited visibility. The roadway surfaces are slippery and may be impassable due to rapid snow accumulation, especially in Coconino, Gila, Mohave, Navajo and Yavapai counties.

Interstate 17 northbound is closed at milepost 299.

State Road 260 is closed in both directions between milepost 255 and 302.

State Road 87 northbound is closed from milepost 265 to milepost 341.

State Road 87 southbound is closed south of Winslow at milepost 339.

State Road 180 is closed in both directions from milepost 236 to milepost 248.

Southbound State Road 73 is closed from milepost 347 to milepost 357.

Snowfall is heavy and increasing on the Rim north and east of Payson. State Road 87 north of Strawberry is completely clogged with cars and snow.

In addition, many state highways now require snow chains or four-wheel drive.

DPS officers have been investigating several weather-related collisions since early Monday morning along with providing assistance to numerous motorists that have either slid off of the roadway or become disabled in the snow.

Other parts of the state are experiencing rain, which also creates slippery roadway surfaces.

DPS urges all motorists to slow down and be very attentive to changing weather, road and traffic conditions while driving with extreme caution.

DPS recommends delaying travel to areas in Northern Arizona affected by the snowfall during the next 48 hours if at all possible.

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