Woman waits two months for cell phone to be repaired

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says it's taking a little too long for a company to repair her broken cell phone so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

It's been two months since Leah McVicker took her phone in to be repaired.

McVicker says she was told it would only take 14 days to get fixed, but after two months, she says she just wants her $60 repair fee and her phone back.

Like a lot of folks, McVicker says she would be lost without a cell phone.

"I use it for e-mail, for work, I use it for church," she said. "It's a convenience when I use it."

For more than a year, McVicker says she's really enjoyed using her cell phone. She says it has all the upgrades she needs like Internet access.

When it stopped working two months ago, she took it to a place called Wireless Toyz just off of Country Club Drive and Southern Avenue where she says they could repair it for $60.

"Well, I took it in, they hooked it up to a computer and they found out it was the digitizer, it's the mechanism that works the touch screen," she said.

McVicker paid the $60 repair fee, left her cell phone at Wireless Toyz and says she was told it could take up to two weeks before it would be ready.

"Waited, waited, I didn't hear anything back," she said.

McVicker says the part eventually did come in, but says she was told by Wireless Toyz that a second phone part was found broken and needed to be ordered to make her phone work.

Although the second part would take an additional two weeks, McVicker says she reluctantly agreed.

In the meantime, a loaner phone was given to McVicker by Wireless Toyz after she asked for one. The phone is pretty basic she says and it can't access the Internet, but she's been using it.

However, McVicker says seeing that it's been two months now since she initially dropped off her phone to be repaired and enough is enough.

She wants Wireless Toyz to return her $60 and her old phone so she can go somewhere else.

"I am trying to remain calm," she said. "I'm a Christian and I am trying to remain calm in this situation, but I do need my phone back."

The owner of Wireless Toyz didn't want to speak to 3 On Your Side on camera but says the part he ordered is overseas and until it arrives, he can't fix her phone.

Regardless, he claims he offered to return McVicker's $60 and her broken cell phone to her and that the offer still stands. But McVicker says she's never been offered a refund.

"I have been nothing but accommodating to them," she said. "I really have been considerate. You order stuff overseas, I understand it's cheaper for the company, but give me a working phone and they refuse to do it and they refuse to give me my $60 back."

McVicker credits 3 On Your Side for getting her phone and her $60 back.

Again, Wireless Toyz did not want to talk to 3 On Your Side, but the owner did send us a statement reiterating that a refund was previously offered.