2 Suspects in Mesa strong-arm robbery on the loose

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MESA -- Police are searching for two suspects in a strong-arm robbery at a Mesa gas station.

It happened at early Monday morning at the Shell station near Clips Road and Center Street.

According to police, two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and what looked like bandannas over their faces walked into the store at about 3 a.m. One of the men confronted the clerk while the other jumped over the counter.

Investigators said surveillance video showed one of the suspect punching the female clerk when she seemed to have trouble opening the register. That suspect then took the whole register while the other suspect grabbed several packs of cigarettes.

Both men fled, leaving a trail of change as they headed north on Center Street. Two unopened cigarette packs were also found.

Investigators say fresh tire marks in the dirt indicate that the men continued north.

Police searched the area, but found nothing.

The only description they have of the suspects is that they were either white or Hispanic.

The clerk was taken to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital as a precaution.