Sheriff event at ASU ends early due to confrontations

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TEMPE - University moderators lost control Monday night of a round table discussion with Sheriff Joe Arpaio as students booed and sang the sheriff off the stage.

Outside the auditorium protesters made a scene, even confronting the few Sheriff Arpaio supporters who came out for the event. One sheriff supporter yelled, "I am not a racist. I am not a Nazi. I am not you."

Inside, where the panel was taking place, the protesters remained quiet for a little while, standing with signs in hand listening to the sheriff defend himself against accusations that he stifles the freedom of press.

The sheriff was also questioned about his investigations on political foes who speak out against him and his unwillingness to cooperate with the federal investigation alleging misconduct during his immigration sweeps but he did not get a chance to answer.

Instead the protesters inside began chanting, prompting the sheriff to put on a funny hat and putting an end to the event 15 minutes early.