Gilbert company will turn your turkey grease into fuel

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GILBERT -- If you decided to deep-fry your turkey for Thanksgiving, hold off on dumping all that grease down the drain.

More people are frying their turkeys, but there's a problem -- about 5 gallons of grease to get rid of.

"People don’t know what to do with their waste oil,” said Dan Reese of Arizona Biodiesel.

A lot of people just end up dumping it down the drain.

“When they dump the fryer oil down into the drains it will solidify in the sewer system,” Reese explained.

Reese has the solution: He wants it!

"Whatever's left over,” he said. “Don’t worry about some of the bits and chunks that are in it -- we're going to filter it."

The biodiesel plant in Gilbert has been turning grease into fuel for several months. Their biodiesel is selling for about 30 cents per gallon less than gas station diesel.

Business has been so good they're expanding the operation. They just need more grease.

They've put collection barrels at all the fire stations in Gilbert, and hope people stop by and donate their leftovers -- helping to avoid damage to the environment and sewer pipes, and helping their green business grow.

Those collection barrels will remain at fire stations in Gilbert for 10 days.