Scammers cheating charitable givers

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PHOENIX - Folks with a Valley charity group say scammers are once again taking advantage of the holiday spirit.

Kathleen Lewis with Packages From Home says this isn't the first time criminals have taken money in their name.

Along with a staff of volunteers, Lewis packs thousands of goody-boxes a month to send to troops overseas. It's a task they love.

One volunteer says "I could not not do it. Cuz i love my country. I wear red white and blue every day since 9-11. I wear nothing but red white and blue."

It also makes mail time the favorite time of day for those serving our nation, but Lewis says once again there are signs that "someone" is taking advantage of Packages from Home's good name.

"There are people out there using Packages From Home as well as other good charities and they're going door to door and on the phone and soliciting for money," she said.

Soliciting is something this group never does.

"None of the charities in Arizona that have to do with the troops have ever gone door to door nor do they go on the telephone. So if that happens try and get as much information about these people so when you call the police, you can give the police the information," she said.

Don't ever give your personal information or credit card numbers to people soliciting door to door or on the phone.

You could put yourself in some real danger. If you'd like to donate to Packages From Home,