Important lesson about Internet scam promising loans

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PHOENIX - These days a lot of folks are looking for a loan. You may be looking for a personal loan or maybe you're going back to school and need a school loan, that's fine, just steer clear of the Internet.

Delaina White loves working on cars, so she wants to turn her passion into a career, so Delaina decided to go to school for just that, but school isn't cheap.

“I'm going to school full time and I needed a loan for the rest of my school expenses and some supplies,” she said.
As a result, Delaina surfed the Internet to look for a loan.

“I got contacted by a company called Brookview Financial and they said they would be glad to assist me and get me the loan I needed,” she said.

But for Delaina to get money she had to give money.

It sounded kind of weird to Delaina, but Brookview Financial told her this.

“Since you're not employed it's gonna be a secured loan, you're gonna have to send us $730 and we'll send you $5,000 within one day.”

So using Western Union, Delaina wired $730 to Brookview Financial, but she got nothing in return.
So she called them.

“They said, well Ms. White we ran in to a problem it seems like that's only enough to secure the loan for 6-months and we need to secure it for 12 so you need to send another $730.”

They wanted another 730 dollars.

Unfortunately, she did send them the money and not surprisingly, she never did receive her loan.

“They keep telling me, we're going send you the money, we're going to send you the money and they haven't sent me anything, they just keep asking me to send them more money!” she said.

That's when Delaina contacted 3 On Your Side.

“I've given them $1,602 and I have gotten nothing!”

3TV discovered Brookview Financial Services is based out of Canada and all their phone numbers are disconnected.
As for their website, it's gone.

The Better Business Bureau told 3 On Your Side that Delaina most likely got tangled in a very common, yet very lucrative Internet scam.

The lesson here is never give money in order to get money.

If you have to fork over money in advance for a loan, you're most likely getting scammed.

Also, only deal with financial institutions you know and trust.