5 Homemade explosive devices found on NAU campus

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FLAGSTAFF -- Northern Arizona University police are investigating after five homemade explosive devices were found on campus early Wednesday morning.

The devices, made of plastic bottles containing hydrochloric acid and aluminum foil, are designed to expand and burst with potential for injury and property damage, according to a release sent to NAU staff.

One NAU police officer was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center as a precautionary measure after breathing fumes from the devices. No one else was injured.

One device detonated in a hallway inside Mountain View residence hall, causing damage to carpeting. Two devices detonated outside the building but did not result in any damage.

One device was detonated by the Flagstaff Police Department and the last was neutralized.

A crime alert was sent to residents of Mountain View residence hall, and university staff will monitor the hall throughout the holiday weekend, according to the release. Staff will also meet with students on Sunday to discuss the incident.

The person responsible for the devices faces criminal charges and suspension or expulsion from the Arizona University System.

Anyone with information is asked to call NAUPD at (928) 523-3611.