4 Male members of church group killed in SUV crash

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Micah Waycaster By Jim Carr Micah Waycaster By Jim Carr

CROWN KING -- Investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fatal crash in Crown King Wednesday.

Witnesses say a Chevy SUV traveling on Cow Creek Road left the roadway at about 1:30 p.m. and fell 100 feet, landing on its side.

Paramedics were not immediately able to reach the vehicle or its four occupants. All four males inside the vehicle died.

The victims were identified as Kevin Waycaster, 47, and his son Micah, 16, from Glendale. Garry Schneider, 67, and Robert Fisher, who was in his 70s, both from Phoenix, were the other two in the vehicle.

The victims were members of Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale.

The investigation and recovery operation continues.