When good cursors go missing

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. I’m constantly losing my mouse cursor on screen and it drives me crazy. Is there anything I can change to avoid this problem?

A. If you periodically lose sight of your cursor, go to your Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options tab and place a check mark beside “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key.”

Any time your cursor is AWOL in the future, simply press the CTRL key and a little radar-like circle will close in and pinpoint the elusive critter.

Q. I was given a computer and monitor that has a much higher resolution than my old monitor, so the icons on my Desktop are very small. Is there some way I can make the icons larger?

A. If the new computer is running Windows XP, to change the size of the icons on your Desktop, right-click anywhere on the Desktop and click Properties > Appearance tab > Advanced button. Click the down arrow to the right of “Item,” then locate and select “Icon.” In the Size field, adjust the number upwards to increase the size. You may have to try several values to find one that’s just right for you. When you do, click Apply or OK to save and exit.

If you’re using Windows Vista, right-click the Desktop, select View > Large Icons.

Q. When I delete anything, I know it goes to the Recycle Bin, so I don’t need to have it confirmed every time. Is there some way I can get rid of that annoying confirmation message?

A. That message is a safety net designed to prevent you from accidentally deleting files. If you like living on the edge and would prefer to not to receive it and instead send items directly to the Recycle Bin, right-click the Recycle Bin and select Properties. On the Global tab, remove the check mark from “Display delete confirmation dialog.” Click Apply > OK to save and exit.

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