Victim of Sky Harbor luggage thieves gets her stuff; Others can too

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PHOENIX - Newly-released surveillance video shows a man taking other people's luggage from the baggage carousel at Sky Harbor before walking out the door with it.

Police say he stole hundreds of bags and no one said a word. 3TV takes a closer look at what is going on in the surveillance video and hear, for the first time, from one of the travelers who had her luggage stolen.

Investigators have traced the luggage back to 15 victims and if you are one of them, they have already called you.

The victims cannot get their stuff back just yet because it is considered evidence. One woman 3TV talked to got her personal documents back, though because officers made copies.

Surveillance video shows 61-year-old Keith King walking into Sky Harbor Airport. Moments later you see him in a crowd of travelers waiting for luggage and minutes after that he walks away with a bag.

It is a similar scene over and over. The "luggage caper" grabs mostly black bags right of the carousel then leaving with multiple ones. It happened many times over the last few years.

Investigators are still searching through the more than 500 pieces of luggage found piled from floor to ceiling inside Keith and his 38-year-old wife Stacy's house.

In May Annette Brown originally thought the airlines had lost her sister's bag. She says, "Our immediate thought was ‘How can you lose a suitcase between Albuquerque and Phoenix? It's a direct flight’." The suitcase was filled with personal information like her children's passports and birth certificates.

Investigators called Brown saying they had found the documents. She says, "I was so excited to know that it had been found because my worry was, again, my children's identity would be stolen, my son's passport, I know that an American passport is quite valuable in the wrong hands, so it was such a relief to really get it back."

Now officers say they have gotten more than a thousand calls from people hoping for the same relief. They are hoping the man in the video stole their bags and hoping police can get them back.

Investigators expect to track down many more victims but since the suspects took the tags off the luggage, they are asking victims for unique things they had inside their bag to prove it is theirs.