Sheriff Joe Arpaio could be next Arizona governor?

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – A new poll shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be the strongest republican candidate in the state by a long shot.
The survey from Rasmussen Reports gives Arpaio a 51 to 38 edge over presumptive democratic nominee and current Attorney General Terry Goddard.  If you compare that to Gov. Jan Brewer who would lose 35 to 44% in a head to head match-up with Goddard.
Adding fuel to the fire is a tweet from Sheriff Joe Monday afternoon saying "I cannot ignore the results of this latest Rasmussen poll." Is he gearing up for a run?
3TV sat down with the sheriff. He is not saying he will run for governor but he is also not saying he will not.
Surprisingly, some of his biggest critics are hoping he does. He calls himself the country's toughest sheriff but could Sheriff Arpaio soon be known as Governor Joe Arpaio. “I'm not saying no, I'm just keeping my options open."
According to a recent poll, if Arpaio chooses to run for governor against likely democratic candidate Goddard, the sheriff will win. The Sheriff says the state's budget problems will not discourage him in his decision. He admits, “I love messes, I would never run for governor if it wasn't a challenge, why would I want to be governor?"
Arpaio says leaving his position as the county's top cop would not be an easy move.
“One reason it will be tough because the board of supervisors they don't like me these days, will appoint a sheriff if I resign and I'm sure it won't be a guy like me."
One of the sheriff’s critic’s says, “I am very hopeful that he will take this bid and run for governor."
Arpaio says he does not plan to announce his final decision until May or June. He says he is not worried about time because everyone already knows him so raising money will not be a problem.