Teachers file petition with Arizona Supreme Court

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PHOENIX - A group that represents thousands of teachers across our state is unhappy with the governor and legislature and has filed a petition with the Arizona Supreme Court.

Paperwork that was filed today by the Arizona Education Association states that the changes aimed at teachers and other school employees passed during the special budget session violate the constitution.

The special action petition represents nearly 40,000 teachers across the state.

It takes issue with certain sections of House Bill 2011, specifically sections 14 through 21 that president, John Wright and Attorney Keith Beauchamp say infringe on teacher's rights.

"It deletes certain protections that as a matter of law, are found to exist with teacher contracts,” Beauchamp said.
Like the ability to take tenure into account, when deciding on a reduction in force or policy changes that allow arbitrary reductions in salary.

The special action petition also states that the Arizona legislature exceeded its authority under the governor's call for a special session and that the provisions are not appropriations and are not related to the state budget.