Was town hall meeting on health care reform successful?

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PHOENIX – The health care bill was the subject of much criticism at a Phoenix town hall Monday with Sen. John McCain leading the charge.

The Senator spent much of the hour-long town hall slamming the health care reform bill and its cost. He said, “Fourty-three cents of every dollar the government is spending today is borrowed. It seems to me, turn this down, go back to square one based on the principles of preserving quality and reducing cost as opposed to this government intervention.”

McCain addressed an audience of physicians and regular concerned citizens who largely agreed with him. One doctor said, “I believe if this bill is enacted it will place American health care as we know it on terminal life support.”

Of nearly a dozen people who stood up to speak, only one voiced any sort of support for the bill. Susan said, “I don’t think we should speak for all physicians that all are against it.”

Wellness Dr. Susan Kaib says she is not even sure if she is fully in favor of the bill but she does support its intentions. “I definitely think there needs to be a health care fix. I wanted to make sure they were looking at not only the cost, but the care.”

Health care reform proponent Linda Brown, of Arizona Advocacy, had much stronger words for Senators McCain and Jon Kyl, also in town on Monday, who liken the bill, to a crime.” Brown says, “It’s Bernie Madoff budgeting they're using.” “They're throwing around these scare tactics that are shameful, and they're lies…when you look at the majority of Arizonans, we're struggling and we're not going to be taxed, we're going to be a lot better off.”