Family welcomes another addition on National Adoption Day

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Saturday marks the 10-year anniversary of National Adoption Day. In honor of the day, some 300 kids are scheduled to have the adoptions finalized during a special event in the Valley.

Last year we brought you the story of Michelle and Bob McGriff when they adopted a little boy on National Adoption Day. Now, the couple is expanding their family once again.

The McGriffs are already the proud parents to biological son Ben and adopted brothers Jonah and Micah. Now they are adding a third brother – Elijah -- to their brood.

“We can't imagine what it would be like without the boys,” Michelle said. “I mean we don't remember our life very well before we had children.”

It was just last year the McGriffs made Jonah an official part of their family, adopting him on National Adoption Day. Two years before that they adopted his half-brother Micah.

“Each adoption day has been different,” Bob said. “This adoption day is special for us in that it can fall on National Adoption Day twice, for the second year in a row.”

The couple tried for years after the birth of their son Ben to get pregnant again, and after many unsuccessful attempts decided to pursue other options.

“Following the birth of our oldest son we really struggled to become pregnant again,” Bob explained. “So for us as a family, we wanted to look at other ways to continue to grow our family and open up our home. We explored adoption, and it was, for us, the right choice to make.”

When it comes to regrets, the McGriffs say there simply aren't any when it comes to their family.

“The reward is just every day that you see them, every minute that you see something cute they are doing -- they fall asleep in the chair, I mean -- it's just a sweet little reward that you get,” Michelle said.

More than two dozen judicial officers have volunteered to preside over the hearings Saturday, which will take place from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Durango Juvenile Court Center. The public is invited to attend.