Peoria man arrested, caught by photo radar speeding 55 times

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PEORIA -- Authorities say a Peoria man was busted on camera speeding more than 50 times. Now after months of investigation they say he’s behind bars.

DPS investigators say Elvis Amir Saloum liked to drive his mom's 1998 Lexus at some dangerous speeds. Detectives say he was caught on camera 55 times -- at speeds ranging from 86 to 104 mph.

“It’s reckless in every way,” said DPS officer Jeff Hawkins. “We’ve all been in traffic, we know that here in Phoenix, for whatever reason, lanes of traffic will just stop. And at 95 or 104 mph, that could be catastrophic.”

Investigators say Saloum first popped up on their radar earlier in the year after they noticed the same car speeding by cameras all over the Valley. The Lexus was clocked on the State Route 51, Interstate 17, the Loop 101 and Interstate 10.

Saloum has five homes and we're told tracking the real estate agent down was a little tough.

“We left several business cards, called all of his office numbers, all of his cell phone numbers, spoke with his mother, his father, his sister-in-law, his sister,” Hawkins said. “He knew we were looking for him; he just simply wasn’t going to come in.”

Saloum was finally arrested at a shopping center near his Peoria home. He was booked into jail on 11 counts of criminal speeding.