New Moon movie review gets 3 red vines

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New Moon movie sucks up 3 Red Vines for having a bigger bite the second time around

Moon Crossed Lovers: I made no secret of the fact that I found “Twilight” to be a pretty anemic excuse for a vampire love story.  With poor direction, cheesy special effects and laughable dialogue, I was not looking forward to seeing the next movie adaptation of valley author Stephanie Meyer’s best selling series of books.  I am happy to report that “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is decidedly darker, cooler with a bigger bite!

Coupled with a new director and better production values “New Moon” was more dangerous and exciting.  And two new monsters have been introduced:  sexy werewolves and the same beast that stalked the halls of Hogwarts this season-the green eyed monster!

Cutie pie Native American boy Jacob is the buff skin walker who makes no secret of his love for heroine Bella Swan.  After her fanged passion, Edward Cullen, along with the rest of his pale faced family leave Forks, Bella falls into teen angst funk that only a tanned, bare chested wolf boy can ease.  Though her heart remains committed to Edward, she nonetheless finds herself increasingly drawn to Jacob.  And who wouldn’t?  With a sweet face, a hot body and a fierce protective instinct, Edward really does ‘pale’ in comparison.

The series has two more books to bring to the big screen so you won’t find any resolution in this film but the cliff hanger ending had fans crying out for more.  My hope is that each movie will get successively better and I am actually looking forward to seeing the one.  It sure would be nice if by that time the leads didn’t have that perpetual “what stinks?” look on their faces.

Movie Ladies Room Lowdown: My companion for the movie has read all 4 books and is a fan.  It was a lot of fun to watch the movie with her and the audience full of rabid fan girls.  We were both surprised by the audible ‘shift’ towards Team Jacob this time around.  The endless parading around by a half dressed Jacob (not to mention the rest of the wolf pack) certainly got the desired response from us.  But when he emerged soaking wet in the rain I couldn’t help laughing and said to her, “Oh, now he’s half naked AND wet!”  To which she appropriately replied, “That’s even better!”

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