Goose crashes through car's windshield on S.R. 51

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It's not just planes; Thursday afternoon a goose flew through the windshield of a man driving down State Road 51.

The man says the 20-pound whopper bounced off the truck in front of him and came right at him.

"Before I knew it, there was something that looked like a big head, and arms spread out, and just ran right into the top of my glass and definitely got glass all over me,” said Brian Johnson. “I think I just grimaced and closed my eyes and just was able to drive along … but it was pretty freaky."

The goose left a foot-long crater in Johnson’s windshield.

"The guy in the truck said he thought it had to have been a 20-pounder -- not sure if he went back to go get it for Thanksgiving or not,” Johnson said. “But he said it went into a spin. It was definitely the scariest thing I've seen."

No one was injured.