Warning about what might be in the supplement you're taking

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PHOENIX - A lot of people are taking supplements these days and like most of us, one Valley man thought it was perfectly safe.

Then he ended up in the hospital and called 3 On Your Side.

It’s a product that promises dramatic muscle growth, so Frank Foskey went to a local nutrition store, One Stop Nutrition, asking for something to help with his workouts. He ended up spending nearly $100 on an anabolic supplement called Jacked.

All supplements come with clear disclaimers that the product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.   

Dr. Daniel Brooks, a medical toxicologist, at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center said since it's an unregulated market it's buyer beware.

“It's my personal belief after dealing with the adverse effect of many of these products that you should never use them,” Dr. Brooks said.

A week after Frank began taking jacked he said he began to suffer severe abdominal pain and had to go to the hospital
“They told me I had pancreatitis, my pancreas was double my normal size, it was serious and I needed to stay in the hospital,” he said.

The doctors told Frank that his condition was a result of taking the supplements and has no other identifiable cause.  
Frank says only then he began to learn more about what he was actually taking.

“Basically it is steroids in a bottle, that's exactly what it is,” he said.

Frank said had he known before he would not have taken the supplement.

In fact it says right here on the bottle, athletes and anyone else subject to performance enhancement substance testing should consult with their sanctioning organization before use, basically it could trigger a dirty test.

But because Jacked is a supplement, it is perfectly legal to sell and is available at nutrition stores all over the Valley, as well as on the internet.  

We tried to contact the company, which is said to be based in New York, but their web site has been taken down.
Meantime the store where Frank bought Jacked sent us a statement saying in part:
“3 On Your Side has brought to our attention a safety issue related to this product. This was the first time we became aware of any concern. This product will be removed from our shelves while we conduct a full investigation.”
Frank said he doesn't blame the store, but he does want to warn others who are looking for an extra lift to their workout.

To make matters worse, Frank was also told to take an estrogen blocker to help enhance his results. One Stop Nutrition has agreed to refund Frank's money. The bottom line here is consumers really need to consult a doctor before taking any of these supplements.