Homeowners on edge after string of burglaries in northeast Phoenix neighborhood

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PHOENIX -- Burglars busted into four Valley homes in just one day. It happened near 36th Street and Cactus Road Tuesday afternoon while residents were gone at work and school.

“We think a couple of the burglaries were connected simply because of the way the burglary was committed -- a rock was thrown through the window,” said Phoenix Police Lt. Larry Giebelhausen. “The others were pry jobs -- someone took a bar or screwdriver and pried a door or window open.”

What is hard to believe is police say these four burglaries are not unusual. It's the reason why shaken homeowners are taking steps to better protect their property: getting new locks, security alarm systems and surveillance systems in place.

“It's not going to stop them,” explained Michael Karney of Protection One Security. “What it is is a deterrent -- it's going to go off, there's an audible noise, and police will be dispatched.”

Often people are reactive as opposed to proactive when it comes to crime, and police say sometimes the best way to protect your home is by meeting your neighbors.

“Getting to know your neighbors, letting your neighbors know when you work, where you are, what’s suspicious and what’s not suspicious,” Giebelhausen said. “You want to make your house the toughest house on the block to break into.”

Police say a lot of home protection is common sense – good lighting and locked doors. That said, you can’t always deter a determined criminal.