Romance novel by Lisa Haffner? Gifts for men

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Is it just me or are men harder to shop for than girls when it comes to holiday gift giving?  With this in mind, I decided to go to work to try and find some gift ideas for the men on your list.  Here's hoping that the men and boys on my list like my selections and that this article makes your guy gift giving a bit easier as well!

For The Sports Fan
Since this gift is going to my Dad from my son, it is somewhat sentimental, but this could also be a funny gag gift that is actually useful!  Do I have you wondering yet?  The gift is a beach-sized bathroom towel that is designed with a big picture of my son wearing his beloved Phoenix Cardinals jersey.  And the towel's design is framed by a big Washington Redskins border.  So, my son's team, The Cards goes head to head with my Dad's Redskins on this fun towel.  My Dad can hang it and  think of their rivalry and his terrific relationship with his grandson each time he looks at it!  The oversized towel is made to last and the logo comes complete with the Redskins colors, NFL logo and team logo. 
> Order your man this gift with his favorite sports team and a photo of your choosing

Team choice leagues include the NFL, NBA and MLB and each towel sells for $44.95 plus shipping and handling fees.  Fun idea and the towel can also be used as a wall hanging.  To see my son's creation to his Grandpa, watch the segment!

For The Traveling Man
I call this next idea a treasured traveling tool because my husband likes to have two items with him when he flies, a small photo book of his family and his Ipod to help him relax.  So, when he found an Ipod travel wall charger at an airport gift shop, I was intrigued.  Since a traveling man can't always find a hard drive to recharge his MP3 player, consider getting him this charger that plugs into any wall outlet.  My hubby doesn't leave the state without his Ipod wall plug, so he can recharge his music at the hotel for his return trip home. So, I went online and found a useful travel package called the 5 Item Multimedia Accessory Bundle for Apple iPod & IPhones.  For $19.95 you get the charger, a car charger, ear buds and portable speakers.  Ipod accessory items are also sold at Best Buy stores.

For The Giving Guy and/or Hard to Shop For Man
This is one of my favorite gift ideas because it is truly gift giving that gives back. The Just Give website allows you to purchase a gift card to be emailed to your recipient.  Once he receives the card in his email, he redeems it at the Just Give website and the money goes to the charity of his choice.  Just Give has over 1 million charities, so chances are good that his favorite organization is listed.  You can select a decorative gift card resembling charitable categories like wildlife, children and more.  I also think this is a great idea for the hard to shop for guy.  Plus this is a gift that you can feel good about giving and he can feel good about receiving and then giving to his charity of choice. 

For The Host with the Most

I got this idea after having wine with my neighbors.  I typically struggle with my old fashioned wine opener, so when my friends pulled out a wine opening kit, I was intrigued.  In two simple steps, they smoothly removed the foil and effortlessly pulled out the cork.  This cool contraption is called the Rabbit Wine Tool Kit and I love it.  It sells for $50 at Bed, Bath & Beyond and come with 7 pieces.  The contents include a rabbit corkscrew, foil cutter, wine& champagne sealer, wine pourer with stopper, wine thermometer and a wax remover and extra spiral.  If your guy likes to give celebrations with good wine, then this may be the perfect gift idea.  To see how it works, watch the segment.

Truly Unique & Starring You & Your Guy
Spice up his reading by ordering him a personalized novel from Book By You Publishing.  This online company enables you to order romance novels that are customized for your man and star you and him!  With a romantic theme and fun humor, the company has nine romance novels to choose from.  And the books aren't too steamy, just enough so that they are fun and romantic.  Each book has been carefully written without explicit language or an over the top plot.  They also sell personalized books for children starring your child and their family members and/or friends.  Each book can be ordered with your name as the author and your photo, or a picture of your choosing, on the back cover.  The children's books sell for $24.95 and the romance novels cost $39.95.

For the Grooming Guy with Star Style
If your man likes to look good like the Hollywood stars, give him the doc kit used by the celebrities!  For a fun and useful present, wrap up the ACE Excursion bag full of helpful items like tweezers for removing splinters, a nail brush and a nose and ear trimmer.  Then you can tell him that this is the bag that George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Rock and other celebs groom with!  Great for the traveling man as well because it neatly fits into a suitcase and is made with an easy to clean nylon shell.  Get the bag for $15.99 at Amazon.  The ACE filler items are also sold at Amazon.

For the Organized One
Does your guy keep everything neat and tidy?  Is he a list guy? Then check out an interesting website called   An interesting site with all kinds of fun gifts for grownups that include bacon lip balm, lump of coal soap, t-bone steak designed band-aids and more.  I found something that both my 12-year-old son and traveling husband can use.  For my son, the What To Eat notepad provides a chart for him to log his daily meals and snacks.  He records his daily intake as part of his hockey training and this tool helps me to teach him how to make healthy choices.  For my hubby, the Pack This notepad which lists just about every item you can think of when packing for a trip.  Each pad sells for $6.99.  I also found a funny mini Miller Lite can filled with mints for my man's stocking.  The mints only set me back $2.49.  A fun website with all kinds of stuff for the garden, bathroom, pet lovers and more.  Check it out for something different.

Here's hoping I found a gift idea that suits your guy.  Why are those men so hard to shop for?!  I guess they need less stuff then we gals need, but it is fun when you find something that perfectly suits them.  Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!