Woman reunited with stolen dog

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AVONDALE -- A West Valley woman whose truck and dog were stolen from a Costco on Monday has been reunited with her beloved canine.

Someone from 51st Avenue and Broadway Road brought the dog to the Maricopa County Care & Control facility at 27th Avenue and Durango Street.

What a difference a day makes. Tuesday Debbie Parmely was in tears, trying to find her lost dog – a border collie named Cydney. Wednesday there were more tears, but these were happy ones, because Cydney is home once again.

"Oh my gosh, it’s an awesome day,” she told 3TV. “I just, I can’t even believe it!”

Believe it or not, Debbie Parmely's beloved Miss Cydney, who was lost, has been found.

"Someone from 51st Avenue and Broadway brought her in,” Parmely said.

Someone brought her to the county's Animal Care and Control. Cydney had been missing since Monday, when Parmely's truck was stolen from a Costco parking lot at 99th Avenue McDowell Road. The pup was inside.

Parmely was heartbroken when we talked to her about her loss Tuesday.

"I don’t care about the truck,” she cried. ‘It was my dog that was inside.”

The 12-year-old border collie seems to be handling her ordeal well.

“She’s got her mom back and her dad back and she’s home,” Parmely said Wednesday. “She’s happy now. She’s like ‘OK, I’m OK. My mom’s back so it’s a good day.’”

After we aired Cydney's story, Parmely says many of you, our viewers, offered help.

"So many people have seen Channel 3 on TV and seen my story and I just want to thank everybody, and thank Channel 3, and it’s an awesome, awesome day.”

Debbie Parmely told 3TV her truck has also been found -- in Casa Grande.


AVONDALE — It happens to thousands of Arizonans each year. They walk out of a store to find their vehicle stolen. But a West Valley woman is brokenhearted; not about losing the truck, but about losing what was inside.

Debbie Parmely is without her best friend, a 12-year-old border collie named Miss Cydney. She lost her beloved pet when someone stole her truck.

"Cydney was the sweetest dog," Parmely told 3TV. "She couldn't hurt a flea."

She left the pup in her truck Monday as she made a quick dash into a Costco at 99th Avenue and McDowell Road.

"I walked over to the spot where I knew I was parked, and I had just washed my truck so I saw all the water from where it had dripped off," Parmely recalled. "I knew my truck was right there, and it was gone."

Gone with Cydney inside.

"Cydney just goes with me everywhere," Parmely explained.

Parmely made a quick call to 911 hoping she just lost track of where she parked in the Costco lot.

"The police came and it was stolen -- they had some surveillance cameras there and they saw three guys in a white Dodge pickup pull up, got inside my truck and started it and took off with it," she said.

Parmely's stolen truck is a 2005 Ford F-350 with extended cab and short bed. It is a dark green four-door with Arizona license plate #CF51050.

"If they would have just taken the truck, that's not a big deal," Parmely cried. "And if I knew my dog had died or something, I could deal with that. But not knowing what she's going through right now is heartbreaking."

If you know anything about Parmely's stolen truck or her dog Cydney, email her at shadenup@hotmail.com, or contact the Avondale Police Department.