Immigration rally gets heated when neo-Nazi group shows up

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PHOENIX -- An anti-immigration rally at the State Capitol took an unexpected turn Saturday when a group of Neo-Nazis turned out.

American Citizens United was one of several groups protesting across the country today, opposing a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

The group, which is against amnesty for illegal immigrants, made it clear that racism had no place at its rally. The mood, however, changed drastically when Neo-Nazi protesters tried to join.

Police stepped in and calmed everybody down.

American Citizens United said the Neo-Nazi message was not welcome at its cause.

"That's a completely, you know, racist organization," said Jim Fairmont of American Citizens United. "This is not about racism, it's about law enforcement. Period."

On the flip side of the immigration issue, a coalition of immigration advocates, law enforcement and others have created Reform Immigration for America, and will be rallying in support of the upcoming bill, which includes a legalization program for those who are in the country illegally.