Company helps out after woman's sunscreens aren't delivered

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PHOENIX -- We have an update to a story about a woman who says she was almost taken for $250.

Almost taken because 3 On Your Side was able to get all of her money back.

You may remember the story when Erica Calderon got her $250 returned and she was pretty darn happy.

We thought the story was going to end there, but as it turns out, it just keeps getting better.

Calderon remains amazed and ecstatic these days. It's a total turnaround from when she first appeared in a 3 On Your Side report a few weeks ago.

Calderon was upset after handing over more than $250 to a guy she found on Craigslist, a guy who promised to install sunscreens on her home. But he never did return with those sunscreens.

After 3 On Your Side caught up with him, he mailed Calderon her money back.

"It was the best trip out to the mailbox," she said. "Without Channel 3 we wouldn't have gotten our money back."

We thought that was the end of the story, but Robert Mulvin was watching that night. Mulvin owns a company called All Pro Shade Concepts and says he's heard of people getting ripped off before when it comes to sunscreens.

"I saw it on the news and people like that give a bad name to small businesses," Mulvin said.

Mulvin says although 3 On Your Side was able to get Calderon's money back, he still wanted to do something -- and he certainly did.

"He did the front of our house, the side of the house, the back of the house, a screen for the patio, all at no charge to us," Calderon said.

That's right. Mulvin not only put sunscreens on Calderon's bedroom windows, he did her entire house and even installed a sun shade for their patio -- nearly $1,400 worth of work all for free!

"I couldn't believe it," Calderon said. "It's so refreshing to have genuine people still out there nowadays."

"I wanted to show people that there are small businesses out there that cater to their customers' needs and not just their own," Mulvin said.

Calderon says Mulvin and his company's generosity are more than she could've imagined.

"It's so refreshing to have such a good ending to something that started off so awful," she said.

All Pro Shade Concepts is licensed by the Registrar of Contractors.

The company didn't even have to get involved, but they did and I appreciate their generosity.