Army reservist waits for tuition money from government

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man says his college tuition is supposed to be paid for by the federal government, but right now it's not.

There are a lot of benefits to being in the military and one of those benefits for some of our men and women in uniform is getting college costs paid for.

But one Valley man says his tuition money is a little slow getting to him.

Anthony Desir loves his country and that's one of the reasons he joined the Army Reserves, but he also joined because he knew he would get assistance with college tuition.

"I joined because at the time I was going to a computer school and I needed some additional money because my FAFSA wasn't enough," Desir said. "It was very expensive so I joined for the tuition assistance."

After coming home from his deployment, Desir enrolled at Arizona State University, but then he received disappointing news the university.

"They sent me an e-mail saying that they hadn't received any of the money from my unit," he said.

That's right, Desir says he was going to have to pay $3,000 for classes, but remember, the military was supposed to pick up the tab.

Desir says he has called to find out why he has to pay for classes but gets nowhere.

So, Desir contacted 3 On Your Side.

"A part of me is thinking it's just a simple misunderstanding," Desir said. "If someone with enough clout can talk to them, they'll realize there is a problem with their system."

3 On Your Side contacted the Army Reserves.

They tell us there was a delay in Desir's paperwork but after our involvement, they assured us Desir would have his tuition assistance any day.

Desir says that's what he wants to hear. After all, he lived up to his obligation of going overseas, he just wants the military to come through with its end of the bargain.

"I'm not asking for anything I'm not entitled to or pulling things out of the blue because I feel like I just want them," Desir said.

Again, there was some delay in Desir's paperwork, but after 3 On Your Side got involved, we're told the inspector general has stepped in and will make sure he is taken care of.