Scottsdale police make arrests in appliance thefts

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SCOTTSDALE -- Police say they have arrested three people in connection with a series of appliance thefts at vacant homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

According to Dave Pubins of the Scottsdale Police Department, one man and two women are in custody.

Several of the homes hit are located in the Sundown Acres subdivision, which doesn't have many streetlights, possibly making it a target for the thieves.

The incidents go back late August. Police said all of the homes that were burglarized were vacant, foreclosed or being remodeled.

In each case, the thieves took a variety of items including microwaves, dishwashers, televisions, ovens and refrigerators, as well as cabinets doors and drawers and even gates. According to Scottsdale police, the values of the stolen goods in each case range from $650 for a cooktop stove to $200,000 in the case of a house and guest house that were stripped.