Man shot by Scottsdale police a year ago not well enough for court

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PHOENIX -- A Scottsdale man who was shot by police officers while holding his little daughter was supposed to appear in court Thursday morning, but that arraignment has been delayed.

David Hulstedt's attorney said Hulstedt, who was paralyzed by the shooting, wasn't well enough to appear in court.

Hulstedt was shot by police officers a year ago. They said they feared he was going to hurt his daughter.

The whole incident was caught on tape.

Hulstedt dropped his daughter when he was wounded. She suffered a head injury but has since recovered. Hulstedt, however, remains paralyzed.

Hulstedt was slated to be arraigned on charges of kidnapping and abuse.

It's not clear when that arraignment will take place now.

In the meantime, Hulstedt's family has filed a lawsuit against the Scottsdale Police Department alleging the officers who opened fire were negligent.