Holiday hairstyle and festive flair tips

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I love to have my hair done. Please wash it, comb it and style it for me while I just sit back and relax! However, I would like to know how to create a unique updo or quick style on the run and on the cheap! So, I asked celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall to give me a lesson on how to create holiday hairstyles with a festive flair. She showed me what tools I need and how to style several different looks that even I can do!  Read on and watch the segment to learn a few holiday hair tricks that will have you looking good and out the door in no time flat!

Holiday Hairstyle - Tress Tools
It helps to have several essential tools on hand when working with hair. A three-pronged comb works great for teasing. Two tricks for a good updo is to tease the hair first and to work with a dirty mane! Hair that hasn't been washed in a day or two is easier to style when creating an updo. Bobby pins are a must, so purchase several sizes that include minis, big ones and the right color of pins.  Beauty supply stores sell bobby pins in brown, blonde and grey shades. You will also want good ponytail holders because many updos start with a simple pony. I prefer Goody's Stay Put pony tail holders, as I have found that they keep my hair in place better than the other brands. 

I found a lot of cool hair accessories that include braid headbands that look like a real braid across the crown of the head.  And  the beauty supply store experts tell me that hair extension pieces are selling like crazy now,  so women are wearing these faux hair additions that look very real.  Fake bangs are also sold at Ulta Beauty Supply stores. With the many easy hair accessories available, creating a pretty hair style is easier than ever!

Goody also has some easy accent tools to finish your hair. Called the Midnight Collection, the line consists of over 30 new barrettes, clips and more with reasonable prices that range from a little over two bucks to $7.99. This line is sold at drug and grocery stores.

Holiday Hair Ideas
One great easy style that works for both long and shorter hair is the half up-do with a pony tail wrap. This technique requires only part of the hair up with your actual hair wrapped around the pony tail so that it appears you secured your pony with your own locks.  It is an elegant and easy look.  To see how to do it, watch the segment.

To create an easy bun, simply make a pony tail in the back and then roll the pony tail up to form a bun. Next fan the bun out into a circle and secure with bobby pins. Take a look at the segment to see a demo. Then you can finish off the bun with a flower clip.  Flower clips are popular this season and add a romantic touch to your hair style. Another way to create a bun is to use a donut, or the Hair Ware Chignon Bun. I found one for $4.39 at United Beauty Supply. Simply pull the hair through the donut, arrange it over the form and secure with bobby pins. See the segment to see how I did this. The Hair Ware bun gives your hair the illusion of a thicker and bigger bun. An easy way to add volume. Karen tells me that this is an old school tool, but I had never seen one and I love this trick!

Super Simple Styles That Anyone Can Do
Here are several styles that are so easy, they can be done in under three minutes! The first one is a side pony tail with a flower clip placed over the band. Or wear the braid head band and tease your hair at the crown. Then add fake lashes and you have a sexy 60's look that never goes out of style!

Hair extensions are all the rage and they come in just about every style and color. They are easy to use and clip right into the hair.  See the segment to see how I used one to cover up an ugly clip and enhance a French twist. 
And to add some festive flair to that holiday hair, remember to wear a self-tanning moisturizer to warm your skin.  However, go easy on the glitter or maybe skip it altogether. Glitter is made to lightly accent the skin and give it a glow, unlike the dancing show stars that pile it on. In real life, that just won't look good. 

So, finish off that festive outfit with a fun updo or sexy style that you can be proud to say you did yourself. Happy holidays to you and to your fun holiday head of hair with festive flair!